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"Great Job on cleaning the exterior windows. Rob is great to work with and always accommodating with my schedule. Wouldn't think of using anyone else."
Cherie M.,
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Unmatched Residential Window Cleaning

Clean windows enhance your home's beauty.

Your home is an intimate place for you and your family to relax and enjoy time together. The last thing you want is to climb tall ladders to get at your windows. Don't take unnecessary risks. Newton Window Cleaning has been serving Hilton Head, SC for several years.

We are a veteran owned and family operated business. We built our company on these strong values. You can expect an honest days work, friendly service and timely completion of tasks. We treat your home as if it were our own. We take steps to prevent accidental damage to your floors by wearing shoe covers or by using floor covers. We also use the best and most cutting edge equipment such as the Pure Water System to get your windows glistening. Contact us today to get your estimate!

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We Make Your Business Shine

Give your business a great first impression.

First impressions are crucial in the business world. The initial conclusions that people form can often decide between success and failure. Newton Window Cleaning has been making some of your favorite businesses stand out for several years.

We know that as we work, we reflect on your company. That's why our staff is uniformed and friendly to complete that professional look. You can also rest easy knowing that we are fully bonded, licensed, and insured. We would love to meet with you to arrange a cleaning schedule that is customized to your needs and budget. Experience the Newton Window Cleaning difference and get your free instant estimate today.

What your neighbors in Hilton Head are saying:

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"These guys take such pride in their work! On time and never take a break until the work is done. Truly the best! Hire them, you won't be sorry!"
Lindsay P.,
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Pressure washing by Newton Window Cleaning

Pressure Washing

Boost your home’s curb appeal

Is your home siding covered in dirt and green stuff? Is your driveway bringing down the appearance of the front of your home? Or maybe your deck is in needs some loving? It sounds like you are in need of a pressure washer. But that doesn’t mean you have to go out and buy one, or use your neighbors. Pressure washing isn’t a simple task. If it is not done properly, it can take a long time and could cause damage to your home.

At Newton Window Cleaning, we take away the task of pressure washing your home exterior so you can have your Saturday’s back with your family. A pressure washer is a powerful piece of equipment, if used incorrectly, it can cost more money in the long run due to any damage done to your property. We apply the correct pressure to different surfaces to get your home sparkling. And, because we've been doing this for a long time now, it doesn't take us very long to get the job done for you. So we'll be out of your way in no time! Get in touch with us today to help boost the curb appeal of your property.

Typical Questions asked by our Customers

What does window cleaning include?

Window cleaning typical includes the following: Washing the inside windows, the outside windows, and the bug screens.  Washing windows include scrubbing the glass, then using a squeegee to wipe clean.  On the outside of your windows if there is a bug screen, typical window cleaning includes removing the screen, washing it, and then re-installing it.  Most window cleaners charge more to clean sun screens, so be sure to ask these questions when hiring a company.  Another area of the window that is included is wiping the inside window sills free of dust and dirt.  There are window tracks that the windows slide back and forth on, but this is not included by most window cleaning companies. Again, call to make sure.

Thank you Wash Pros for answering this question for us!

Why should I get my windows cleaned?

If you are a business, restaurant, car dealership, hotel, or any other place customers come, then this question should be obvious. A first impression of a clean building makes a huge impact on how your customers feel about your business. If you own a home, then does it really mater? Yes, of course it does, and here is why… If you leave first, dust, and water on your glass of your home, the sun will actually bake it into the glass like an oven. Over time, this becomes etched into the glass, and cannot come clean. Additionally, wiping your window frames free of dust and dirt also keep them from getting beyond repair.

David from California gave us this valuable information. Clarity Windows Cleaning & Gutters

How long does it take to clean a window?

Cleaning windows is a difficult task for someone who has not perfected the skill. It is a true skill, and if you are lucky enough to use a technician who has been in the industry greater than 10 years, then you will be pleased at how fast he or she can get your windows cleaned. An expert window cleaner will get in and out of a 2 story 3,000sf home in about 2 hours. This is an average of course, but if you have sunscreens covering your windows, or your windows are French paned, then these can drastically slow the process.

Some of the best window cleaners have developed systems over the years that have allowed them to quickly move through a house while leaving it sparkling clean. It is wonderful to hire a professional who can get the job done fast so that you can get along with your day!

Is Window Cleaning Easy?

If you have ever tried to clean windows it is not so easy.  More than that, it's usually down right frustrating.  Now, if you've ever watched a professional clean windows, then it looks so easy.  So, how do we answer this question?

If you have ever practiced or worked at something for 8 hours a day for multiple years, then that becomes second nature and quite easy for you. This goes for window washing as well. The more someone practices, the easier it becomes.then you will be pleased at how fast he or she can get your windows cleaned. An expert from Professional Window Cleaning in Scottsdale provided us with this insight.

What is the best thing to use to clean windows?

Have you ever watched a pro clean windows? They whip around a mop to scrub and soap up the windows, then they use a long squeegee to wipe it clean. And man, they are fast! What are the best tool the professionals use?

There are different brands and types of squeegees to use, but where can you find a simply good squeegee at a local supply store? Unger sells a quality professional brand at Home Depot. Using a professional squeegee will get the best results.

    Should You Wash Windows In the Sun?

    A sunny day might sound like a good day to wash your windows. But washing your windows in the sun is one of the worst things you could do for them. The sun's rays will produce extra heat on your windows. The heat will cause the glass to dry too fast, causing the surface to develop smears. These smears will come from water and leftover residue from your cleaning products drying out before you can wipe them off the glass.

    Your windows will be exposed to the sun's rays while you clean them. You'll need to take down the curtains, blinds, and other coverings surrounding them before you start. The extra exposure will increase the risk of smears on a sunny day. The best tip is to wait for a cloudy day before you start washing your windows. You'll avoid streaks, plus you may feel more comfortable in a more temperate working environment.

    This information was provided to us by: Squeegee Pros Window Cleaning.

      Is Window Cleaning Difficult?

      You may be asking yourself is window cleaning difficult if you're considering doing it all by yourself. While the process itself seems easy enough, it helps know and apply the basics so you can prevent any mistake and do a great job.

      Supplies for Clean Windows:
      At its most basic, this undertaking will require a lint-free cloth and an appropriate liquid solution. This is an easy job to perform with a little effort. Additional materials and substances such as a bucket, warm water, white vinegar, rubber squeegees, and cleaning kits are useful for more advanced cleaning. While these extra things help in thorough jobs, they also add more effort.

      Outside and Out of Reach Surfaces:
      In contrast to inside sanitation, dealing with your outside windows will require additional exertion and tools. Ensure the forecast doesn't include rain or too much sunlight, as these can increase the difficulty or even make the task impossible. Fortunately, you can air-dry the surfaces, lessening the overall load of having to dry them individually. Of course, exercise caution when using ladders.

      Special thanks to Century Pyramid Building Maintenance for this information.

        How much does it cost to get outside windows cleaned?

        The price of an exterior window cleaning is usually between $150 and $630. The price varies a lot because the conditions are not always the same. This means that, the prices for this service are simply an estimate and the prices may vary depending on factors such as the quality of the materials, the duration of the cleaning service, the dimensions of the house, the height of the house, and the number of windows.

        Then, the cost will depend on the windows you have and their characteristics, since, if your windows have more panes, are hung or have some particularity that makes them more difficult to clean, the higher the cost will be. In any case, the cleaners could use different tools such as a magnetic glass cleaner to complete the cleaning.

        However, there are also some window cleaners that have a fixed price for their services. Therefore, the price of this type of service usually varies.

        Information provided by TLC Window Cleaning Service